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Apply To Play

Apply To Play is a simple, easy to use service that allows an artist (or their management) to submit applications to perform at festivals and events. The portal is fully customisable, enabling it to be branded with your event assets and include messages from your sponsors. Apply To Play also provides a management portal, allowing you to see the details of each artist that has applied and sort through their applications. The portal handles the full flow of communication between you and the artist, keeping them up to date with the status of their application.

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Onboarding is an easy and efficient way to organise artists selected to play at your event or festival. Artists can upload details of people who will be attending, contact information and any other information you need to run your event smoothly. They can also view all the important details of your event, such as health and safety briefs, check-in information, soundcheck times and more. Onboarding enables event organisers to schedule their event easily, view everything artists have uploaded to the system and keep everything in one place.

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