Apply To Play

Screenshot: Apply To Play Sample Application

Our Apply To Play service is the perfect way to explore upcoming opportunities to perform at festivals, secure support slots on tours, and get your music played in front of music industry professionals. Our system allows you to setup you artist profile and apply for a variety of incredible events that can potentially help you to grow your audience, whilst boosting the visibility of your brand, profile and music. The best bit? It's completely FREE for artists to use... so what are you waiting for?

An Inclusive Platform

Our Apply To Play service is suitable for all artists, from all backgrounds, spanning all genres. No matter how far along you are in your career, the opportunities we provide support all artists, regardless of where you are in your musical journey.

We Respect Your Privacy

We understand that your data and artistic information is incredibly important. Your conact information is only shared if you are successful. All of your personal data is encrypted on our services. Your brand new, unreleased music is also safe - even the event organisers you are sharing it with can't download it! We won't be sharing your data with anybody else, ever.

Simple & Easy To Use

Our step‑by‑step Apply To Play user interface makes applying for events, festivals and industry‑based opportunities stress‑free. Haven't got time to complete the application in one go? No problem! You can start/stop/come back to your application at any time before the submission deadline.

Reuse Your Content

Once you have submitted your first Apply To Play opportunity, you can reuse or adapt this application's information for future Apply To Play opportunities. This speeds up the process when applying for other amazing opportunities, whilst alowing you to make the necessary adjustments to each.

Want More Opportunities?

We are constantly forging new relationships throughout the industry to secure the best possible Apply To Play opportunities for both new and existing artists. Using the 'Discover' feature in your Amplead account, you can view new and upcoming opportunities, or alternatively you can enable notifications to alert you as new Apply To Play's are announced.

Screenshot: Apply To Play Sample Discover Section